Junior Skills Challenge

The Junior Skills Challenge is a re-designed online and interactive program, designed in conjunction with LTPD principles, that focuses on developing the key golf skills of putting, chipping, driving and iron play.

An exciting new online leaderboard will allow you to upload participants’ scores so players can track their skills improvement.  Using the data you upload, CN Future Links will rank participants nationally by age group, and by skills scores on the National Leaderboard. The top scoring individuals will be eligible to compete in the National Junior Skills Challenge Event - details TBD.

Becoming an official Junior Skills Challenge site:

To become an official Junior Skills Challenge site, you must register with CN Future Links to receive your materials and online login information. Once you register, you will receive the following FREE program support materials: 

  • Junior Skills Challenge manual
  • Ahardcopy scorecard for every participant
  • A large scoresheet
  • Program posters
  • Site signs
  • Online press release and media contacts
  • National Junior Skills Challenge event information
  •  a username and password that will grant you access to the online features.

Facility setup required:

  • Driving area of 40 yards wide
  • Iron play circle with a 45 foot diameter
  • Chipping circle with a 30 foot diameter
  • Putting circle with a 10 foot diameter

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